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Geropsychology Resources


TeleHealth Insurance and Billing Cheat Sheet_Updated 5/2/2020.pdf

     Document created and shared by Kirsten Carraway, Ph.D., MBPA LAN Representative


     APA Medicare Telehealth Billing Update


     APA guidelines for the practice of Telepsychology

     APA Telepsychology resources, usually reserved for paid members, now free to public during COVID-19 crisis

     APA Telepsychology Best Practice 101 Series (and CE opportunity), now available at no-charge for a limited time

     APA Telepsychology Informed Consent Checklist


     APA Office and Technology Checklist for Telepsychological Services


Provisional Recommendations-Guidance for Teleneuropsychology-COVID-19-4.pdf

     IOPC Provisional Recommendations and Guidance for Teleneuropsychology


Ethical Guidance for the COVID-19 Era


     APA recommendations on ethical practice, research, teaching, and applied work in the COVID-19 era

COVID-19 Confidentiality and Public Health

     CPA information alert on COVID-19 confidentiality and public health


COVID-19 Reasonable Health Precautions


    Health guidelines and precautions written by Peter Tippett, M.D., Ph.D., shared by Meg Sandow, Psy.D., MBPA Member

Resources for Clients While Sheltering in Place

COVID-19 Handout for CC Participants.pdf

     Volunteer Center / Community Connection Resources while socially isolating, shared by Meg Sandow, Psy.D., MBPA Member


     Santa Cruz County Youth Violence Prevention Resources for COVID-19, shared by Jacob Sidman, Ph.D., MBPA Member



     I/O Psychologists advice for newly remote workers (managers and employees)

Resources for Students


     Managing student loans during COVID-19


     Coping with COVID-19-related stress as a student


     APA webinar series: Staying on Track During a Pandemic (defending dissertation remotely; graduate education; ECP)

Ways to Help

Registering in California Health Corp System.pdf


     Register in California Health Corp System, shared by Diane Bridgeman, Ph.D., MBPA Disaster Response Network

     California Health Corp System 


Online Research Studies Related to COVID-19

Online research studies related to COVID19 being run by faculty at the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology in NYC.pdf 

     Links to three COVID-related online research studies, shared by Cheryl Bowers, Ph.D., MBPA Past President

Journal of Applied Psychology Call for Papers: COVID:19 Pandemic


     Journal of Applied Psychology call for papers directly related to the pandemic (with rapid review process)

COVID-19-Related Psychological Research


     Free articles from APA Journals is designed for educational purposes and is not a substitute for professional medical or psychological care. If you require medical or psychological services, please consult a qualified professional in your area.

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