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I.      Accept the Minutes

  1. Add Sandra Fowler as an attendee at the last meeting.

II.     Introductions

  1. Name, Board position(s), professional activities.
  2. Cheryl moves to create a Student Representative position; Martha seconds. Enrollment reduced to $25 for Student member.

III.   Positions

  1. Description of CPA chapters’ structural changes. Jorge Wong is Monterey Bay chapter liaison. MBPA will now have a LAN Representative. Suggestion from past member for position to be co-chaired.
  2. MBPA membership unanimously voted for Cindy Fabry (President) and Cai Baker (Treasurer).
  3. List of vacant positions, discussion about members who might be willing to fill committee positions.
  4. Don/Membership reminded Board to submit their position descriptions in Dropbox.
  5. Invite membership to meetings. Lindsay/Secretary will do this via email with meeting dates.

IV.  Practice Issues

  1. Request for discussion about BHCI group and other options for other Corporations. Suggestion of seminar for membership to inform, educate, collaborate re: insurance, panels, etc.
  2. Cindy/President suggested a meeting to plan seminar. Seminar tentatively planned for Fall, so planning meeting can be in Spring/Summer.

V.    Set Meeting Dates

  1. March 20 – Families Together office, 12:15
  2. May 15 – Martha Gleason’s office (621 Forest Ave, Pacific Grove), 12:15
  3. July 17 – Families Together office, 12:15
  4. September 18 – Families Together office, 12:15
  5. November 20 – Families Together office, 12:15

VI.  Outreach

  1. Doctors on the Dark Side was shown at UCSC. Explore possibility of another showing in Spring. Instructions in Dropbox for posting announcement on website.
  2. MBPA will have a table at the annual Calciano Youth Symposium.
  3. Invite members to Board meetings.
  4. Parties:
    1. Winter Party cancelled
    2. Summer Party was a success, August 2015 planned this year. Honor community organization and local legislator(s).
  5. Cheryl volunteered to be part of a committee to increase dual membership. Some felt more important to focus on MBPA membership; increased MBPA cohesion will increase likelihood of CPA membership, and involvement in general. Don/Membership will coordinate a committee.

VII. Bylaws & Ethics

  1. Cheryl provided printed/bound bylaws to all members.
  2. Changes needed include removing CPA Representative and changing CLASP to CAARE.
  3. Don reminds group the bylaws are in Dropbox but there are multiple versions; he’ll consolidate. He’s in the middle of a process with CPA to get bylaws approved.
  4. LAN position: voted or appointed? Cindy moves to make the position elected, Jon seconds the motion.

VIII.        Miscellaneous

  1. Condolences to Chuck Faltz and his family. Possible contribution to his scholarship fund proposed.

Annual Retreat

January 23, 2015


Cindy Fabry, President
Cai Baker, Treasurer
Lindsay Steigner, Secretary
Sheri Anselmi, Disaster Response
Linda Banner, Student Representative
Cheryl Bowers, GAC Alternate
Diane Bridgeman, Disaster Response, Public Service & Educ., Contemporary Issues & Social Justice
Jon Girvetz, Contemporary Issues & Social Justice
Martha Gleason, Forensics
Donald Seldeen, Membership

Next meeting:

3/20/15 – Families Together Office (1025 Center St., Santa Cruz) – 12:15 is designed for educational purposes and is not a substitute for professional medical or psychological care. If you require medical or psychological services, please consult a qualified professional in your area.

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