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Income Budget:

Membership dues are projected to rise to $8,500, a 3% increase over the dues collected in 2013. However, the net income from dues only goes up $100. That’s because members are being encouraged to renew on line, which increases the Paypal fees.

Workshop income is projected to be $276 less than that received in 2013. The combined effect is a small drop in expected income. There are three reasons why a conservative projection was made for the income from workshops.

Currently MBPA has no Program Chair; this is the person in charge of finding good presenters and then setting up and running the Continuing Education workshops. Even though board members will pick up these efforts, the ability to find presenters with topics of interest topics, and then promote the events, may well suffer. Anyone who wants to take on the position of Program Chairperson will be well supported by the rest of the board.

A second consideration is the decisions to no longer provide a free lunch. While reducing our costs, we don’t know how this decision will affect turnout. We’d appreciate hearing your reactions to this change.

Finally, we lack good historical information on which to base projections. Art Anton often absorbed workshop costs, essentially making donations to our chapter. He sometimes paid the CE fees, and even the presenter’s fee (or was able to have them waive their fee). Many of the costs were not itemized, which makes it harder to look at trend lines, or to tell if Art was providing other items at no cost to MBPA.

Expense Budget:

  • The Administrative Expenses are set at $550, up $170 from last year. The increased cost of providing board members a light lunch has gone up because there are more Board meetings this year. Supplies purchased by the Secretary and Treasurer should be, at most, $50 each.
  • The Governmental Affairs budget is about $200 less than the amount spent last year; despite the added cost of hosting the CPA convention. The big drop is in the cost of the fund raising event. MBPA sets up, runs, and pays the costs of fund raising events for worthwhile causes or legislators who support positions favorable to Psychologist. Combining this event with the presence of the CPA conventions is the reason for the big drop from last year’s cost.
  • The projected $4,250 website cost is $3,000 less than that spent in 2013. However, last year’s total included $5,060 for a web upgrade. While the upgrade is paid for, $1,500 is budgeted for minor changes and for teaching us how to use/run the website. The web administrator was hired just because we lacked this internal expertise–her hourly fee being less than half of what we have been paying the Webmaster. Learning to run the website with less reliance on others will reduce this costs. Our goal is to bring the annual web-related costs down to well under $3,000.
  • There will no 2014 Christmas party. The resulting entertainment budget dropped from $2,727 to a projected $1,225.  Current plans are to continue with only one party a year; unless the majority of members want to reinstate a second entertainment event.
  •  Funds for an annual Donation were reestablished at a $400 level, and another $400 has been set up for membership events.


This budget projects an income of $9,887 and spending at $9,510 for a net income of #377. I suggest member who are interested in MBPA finances look at the 2013 Treasurer’s Report. This report provides a good context for understand the 2014 budget. It includes a breakdown of last year’s income and expenses, along with an historical review of income and spending for the last five years,

As treasurer, I will be happy to answer any questions you might have. I also encourage you to bring questions to the Board meeting and to participate in efforts that benefit the entire membership.

Donald Seldeen, Ph.D. is designed for educational purposes and is not a substitute for professional medical or psychological care. If you require medical or psychological services, please consult a qualified professional in your area.

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